Why Deify tipu?

It is perhaps strange that this post started with the grammatical error of using a lower case for first letter of a proper noun. I do it with good reason. Unlike Wodehouse’s character Sir Jasper ffinch ffarrowmere, in the story of Mulliner the inventor, who deliberately used small letters for his last name, my premise is that tipu does not even deserve to be mentioned except in the lower case.

To my mind, tipu was a tyrant whom we have no business to deify. The corrupt and anti National types, of whom I tweet on and write at length  in my blog from time to time, do it. In fact they talk of tipu as a great freedom fighter. Here is one example of how tipu demonstrated his ‘patriotism’


Here is his ‘kindness’ to his subjects


Kindness to his troops


Why British wanted to befriend him


All this taken from actual reports in The Times dating back to the 18th century, indicates that tipu was a cruel and barbarous person whose main function in life was to convert people to Islam or kill them if they disobeyed.

Sandeep Balakrishna’s book describes in detail the kind of tyrant tipu was.  Here is one article by Sandeep where he recounts in detail the tale of tipu’s  several atrocities across Karnataka and Kerala. Thanks partly to the conversion spree of tipu, Kerala has a significant Muslim population.

On a personal note, I would like to mention how tipu’s men, on the orders of tipu, killed a large number of people from my small community of Mandyam Iyengars.

On Naraka Chaturdashi, Deepavali day for most Hindus, Tipu’s men massacred around 700 or so people, men, women and children, who had gathered in a temple in Srirangapatna, for prayers and bhajans. Although some accounts say they were beheaded, the probable correct version, which I heard in Melukote a few months back was that the temple was surrounded, doors locked and the temple set on fire. This temple was not opened for over 200 years. This was the Mandyam Iyengar holocaust. The barbaric act was perpetrated by tipu to take revenge on Tirumale Iyengar and Narayana Iyengar, his dewans whom he suspected of perfidy. To this day, we Mandyam Iyengars belonging to the Bharadvaja gotra do not celebrate Deepavali on Naraka Chaturdashi.

Whatever happened was Godhra on a much larger scale. There was no justification for the barbarism of tipu who had destroyed and continued to destroy many temples. The only temples he spared were those of Ranganatha. When he was on one of his rounds, he came across a temple. On inquiring he was informed that it was a Ranganatha temple, although it was a Srinivasa temple. This temple stayed intact and is still referred to as Biligiri Ranga.

These are only some of the atrocities committed by tipu. Sandeep’s book Tipu Sultan, the Tyrant of Mysore will provide the details. It is available on Amazon and Flipkart

It is a pity that CM Siddaramaiah is planning to hold tipu ‘Jayanthi’ on Naraka Chaturdashi. Rubbing salt on Hindu wounds is par for the congressis who are worried only about their diminishing Muslim vote bank. One hopes that there is some sanity restored and this farce of deifying a tyrant and a scoundrel like tipu is halted permanently.


5 thoughts on “Why Deify tipu?

  1. A great carnage indeed! Only now the real extent of cruelties heaped on people of Dharmic religion by the tyrannical usurpers of power from the Dharmic ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. Mr. Siddharamaiah is attempting things that even Mr. Karunanidhi did not dare to do.

  2. Sir,

    My Grandfather mentionef that Muslim Soldiers/Higherups of Tippu used to put their tongue on the Tirunamam of Iyengar brahmins which they apply on hands, face, chest with intention to Pollute them.
    And Dewan Purnayya suggested the Iyengar brahmins to mix rat poison with the white mix of Namam and they stopped their antics after some casualities.


    • And unknowingly, in the process, they have actually paid respect to the Tirunamams by licking them. As we know, the greatest insult that we can show to someone is to make them lick our shoes…. By licking the Tirunamams that protect us, like the shoes protect our legs, They have subjected themselves to this insult as instant karma ! What better display of ignorance can we get ?

  3. How despicable out politicians have become in pursuit of power. Denial of their own history! Our is it that they have it for ‘Brahmins’.. And si si not mind any offence there? Srirangam has equally glory takes off public beheading of scholars outside the main temple and their heads stuck on spears of soldiers. This was supposed to deter other devotees from coming near the temple. In one historical dance drama..aranganin padayil.. Dushyant Sridhar narrates that twenty thousand ppl were massacred.

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