The Attempted Cultural Destruction of India

The brouhaha on conversions started because a few Muslims apparently became Hindus. This resulted in Parliament being stopped by the opponents of this conversion. However, when the Government volunteered to bring in an anti conversion bill, the opposition was not in a mood to relent or support the bill. This beats my understanding. If one is opposed to the conversion of foreign religions to Hinduism, you must be opposed to the reverse flow. Right? No, wrong apparently! This tells you a whole lot of how much the opposition parties, discredited and shunned in the Parliamentary elections of 2014 and in the Assembly elections before and after this watershed event still hang on to the coattails of secularism! Hoping against hope, these worthies think that their idea of secularism will find resonance among the Christists and Islamists of their flock.

The media, severely compromised, excepting for honorable persons such as Gaurav Sawant, never ‘realized’ that there were mass conversions happening in several parts of the country. They never were aware that the entire North East has become predominantly Christist. Christists there are fanatic to the extent that they disallow tribals who are not converted to celebrate their own festivals. But the media is blind to this. Is it because the media and press are funded by the enemies of Hinduism? Every possibility, as the evidence points to this fact.

My blog post of 2011 has more than hinted at this and has been endorsed by @mediacrooks who has come out with this more recent article in his blog. Then we have one more article.

by a person who should know the corporate world very well having worked in Infosys, one of the giants among IT companies in India. Mr. Mohandas Pai is a financial wizard who has worked as CFO for Infy and also as head of HRD.

Here are my simple conclusions about conversions. The fact is that conversions are part of a multibillion dollar enterprise that is also trans-national in nature. This is as bad for India’s religious fabric as trans fats are for the human body. In the case of any legitimate business enterprise, there is a hierarchical structure and a desire to maximize growth in number of customers as well as profits. In order to grow customers there are two routes, one to build a new set of customers who are first time users of your products. The other is to recruit the stars of a competitor and poach customers of their earlier company. This is a practice frowned upon in public and encouraged in private. Companies have got wiser and are tightening their processes and system security to ensure that information does not leak out. For instance, in a bank that I was a consultant to, I provided the keywords that could help in detecting information leaks. Further, emails were monitored to ensure that what went out was not a company secret. Hinduism is like a company which is still in the nineteenth century, a point I shall expand in the next paragraph.

Why are Hindus such an easy target for poachers? It is because we have not built a defence against such poachers. The Hindu way is one which accepts many paths leading to the Divine. The difference between Hindus and two faiths originating in the Middle East is that these faiths believe in one true God and that ‘their’ God is the only way. Hindus are a little too simple and cannot even envisage that there are poachers out there who want to convert and create enemies of Hindus. Building a defence comes when you realize that there is a threat and that you need to find ways and means to counter it.

We have two main religions converting Hindus and, in a few cases, Sikhs as well. The reverse conversion occurs rarely and when done with some fanfare results in a ‘Sicko backlash’. The logic is that it is fine to convert Hindus to desert faiths but not okay for them to return to their native faith. Why have we reached this kind of situation when anything favouring Hinduism is an RSS conspiracy or majoritarianism or saffronisation? The worst thing is that the idiots who try to thrust this logic down our throats are mostly Hindus. Correction, they are HINOs or Hindus In Name Only. Worse still, all that money flowing into India must also flow to members of Press, Media etc. who are either ‘entertained’ lavishly or simply bribed with money or favours.

Let us hark back to a time when Dalits converted en masse to Buddhism on the urging of Dr. Ambedkar. There never was a big hue and cry to the best of my knowledge, barring a few cluck clucks. Main reason was that Buddhism was considered a part of Hinduism and not an ‘alien’ faith. For that matter Jains and Sikhs have no inhibitions in going to a Hindu temple. Year before last, I celebrated Janmashtami in a Gurudvara in Dubai. There were Krishna bhajans sung by all and a statue of Krishna was decorated and worshipped. Lastly, Prasad of Kalakand was distributed to all present. One of the most beautiful shrines is the Gurudvara in Jebel Ali in Dubai. You will see more Hindus there than Sikhs. All worship there. Many Hindus recite the Gurbani and participate in the Langar, helping with the cooking and serving hundreds of devotees who flock to the Gurudvara. Let me also say that I found a peace in the Gurudvara which made me think that the shrine was not of an alien faith but our very own. You will not hear of a Hindu trying to make a Sikh a Hindu or vice versa. Both know that the other is really not another!

Not quite the case with desert faiths like Islam and Christianity. Both these faiths have a different agenda as their objective is not merely conversion to their way of worship, but to alter the culture of the convertee. Simple things like changing the name, creating new social customs, asking those converted to bring in more into the faith and also making them destroy the vestiges of Hinduism. One of the pastors exulted in some new member of his flock destroying the idols he used to worship. This is something which has come about as a second wave and is apposite for the Kaliyuga, where money power plays a prominent part.

It is unfortunate that we have not built a strong defence against religious poachers. This has to be tackled in a multi-pronged way. There really are no shortcuts.

Let us take possible strategies to tackle the menace of conversions. We should start by understanding what is the threat posed by conversions to Christianity and to Islam. Next we should observe and understand tactics and strategies employed by the convertors. Thirdly we must create a counter to each of their strategies.

As one can see, Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma is the enemy and the desert faiths are clear about the strategies they need to employ for getting people into their faith.

Here is a video by Dr Subramanian Swamy that tells you the true story of why Sanatana Dharma has withstood the efforts by marauders to convert the populace to their religions.

There is a combination of three factors that ensured against Islam getting a majority of Indians converted to their faith.

  • The first was a strongly rooted to tradition populace that were averse to abandoning their faith
  • There were many wars fought against Muslim marauders including the Moghuls and vast swathes of land were outside their rule. Further, Indians love heroes such as Rana Pratap and Lakshmibai , who fought valiantly, even if they did not win.
  • Third was a lack of a central authority, such as one book, one god etc. So destroying thousands of books in Nalanda, for instance, did not matter in that there were many other books elsewhere. Similarly destroying one temple or destroying the deities in the temples did not create a spiritual void in the hearts of devotees.

Actually Hinduism is a monotheistic faith in that we have “Sarvadeva Namaskaram Keshavam Pratigacchatthi.” (loosely translated all prayers to different Devas finally go to Keshava). However, it is a highly decentralised system.

Hinduism is a highly evolved faith, which provides for a graded ascendancy to merge with the Supreme. It also lays down at least four paths to the Supreme, which allows all people to aspire for a higher existence. It says that we are all God, “Aham Brahmasmi” but have not realized it yet. Desert faiths have God as a third party directing things from above! Surely one needs an anchor to guide one in times of difficulty and the idea that a supreme God sits somewhere and guides you to the right path would be comforting for simple folk.

Unfortunately, the question of God soon deteriorates into “My God is better that yours!” with desert faiths. However, in the case of Hinduism or Sanatana Dharma as it should be called, the recognition of diversity of faiths is built in and thus there is no attempt to ‘convert’ people to Hindus. One can say with absolute conviction that those who have adopted the path of Sanatana Dharma from Christianity or Islam (on rare occasions) have done so from conviction rather than compulsion. As a matter of fact, compulsion is totally alien to Sanatana Dharma.

Let us now come to, what I believe, is a well organized conspiracy against the culture of India. This has been going on for quite a few years and has been subtly used by India’s enemies. The fulcrum of Hindustan’s social existence is the Family. The family is matriarchal in nature de facto, and is patriarchal in name only. One can see the conspiracy against the Indian family by slowly letting the germ of an idea spread that it is okay to have live in relationships and ‘gay’ lifestyle and so on. Let us understand that being homosexual is something private and it is not part of Indian culture to flaunt it into the face of society. The bedrock of India is a monogamous heterosexual marriage and children born out of such a union are part of the family.

However, for the minions of media, this family is primitive and the West has a more open and liberal society where open marriages, live in relationships, gay marriage etc. have been accepted. We also know how dysfunctional their entire society is. In this regard, I went through a defence of Section 377A by the PM of Singapore and his speech is very illuminating. Remember that Singapore is a far more Westernised society than India but is still not prepared to accept an openly gay lifestyle. Here are the concluding remarks of his speech: –

“So, we will let others take the lead, we will stay one step behind the front line of change; watch how things work out elsewhere before we make any irrevocable moves. We were right to uphold the family unit when western countries went for experimental lifestyles in the 1960s – the hippies, free love, all the rage, we tried to keep it out. It was easier then, all you had were LPs and 45 RPM records, not this cable vision, the Internet and travel today. But I am glad we did that, because today if you look at Western Europe, the marriage as an institution is dead. Families have broken down, the majority of children are born out of wedlock and live in families where the father and the mother are not the husband and wife living together and bringing them up. And we have kept the way we are. I think that has been right.

I think we have also been right to adapt, to accommodate homosexuals in our society, but not to allow or encourage activists to champion gay rights as they do in the West. So I suggest, Mr Speaker, and I suggest to the Members of the House, we keep this balance, leave section 377A alone. I think there is space in Singapore and room for us to live harmoniously and practically, all as Singapore citizens together. Thank you very much.”

The conservativeness of India is something that has evolved over the years and despite a lot more of openness, our society is still based on family values. Please note that the society of Muslims and Christians is not very different and they have similar family values to that of Hindus. Despite some rhetoric about polygamous marriages, the vast majority of Muslims still have one wife and do not exercise a Shariah given right to marry four times!

Hence, the attempts by media, by Bollywood and its rootless stars, to make a more bohemian lifestyle the norm, have encountered serious resistance from our conservative society. Our society is still rooted to the values of family, of thrift and a virtuous life.

There are serious inroads being made and this is a Neo Macaulayian attempt to make India ashamed of its heritage and knowledge. Let us recollect what Lord Macaulay said

“We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and the millions whom we govern; a class of persons, Indian in blood and colour, but English in taste, in opinions, in morals, and in intellect. ….”

This is less malicious than this quote wrongly attributed to Lord Macaulay

“”I have traveled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.”

While this is the stick used to beat Macaulay with, it is something which has been taken seriously by the denizens of the media, no doubt helped by the ‘cultural indoctrination’ they have been subjected to by the likes of Prannoy James Roy and other suchlike characters who have tried their very best to demonise Hindus and to promote desert cults like Islam and Christianity with zeal envied by several missionaries. Why would they not do it? They are no doubt well funded through back channels. How else would a channel like NDTV survive even when making huge losses as per their own financial statements?

Ever since Narendra Modi became PM and started India on the road to development, Christian persecution became the theme. This started when President Barack Obama made this speech adding in it something about ‘religious tolerance’. Of course, none of the media Einsteins reminded him that there is no such thing as ‘religious tolerance’ in Sanatana dharma. There is only acceptance of varied forms of worship.

The Hindus are the most accepting people. They are ready to accept different Gods. For instance, my apartment has a Ganesh temple, but we regularly go the ISKCON temple as well. My pooja room has varied forms of Vishnu and Ganesha as well as Shiva in Dakshina Murthy form. We have a Shivalinga and a Saligrama, even if we are Sri Vaishnavas who do not normally worship Shiva.

The problems arise only when the desert faiths proclaim that their god is the only god. Hence, there is an attempt to convert ‘non-believers’ to their way of worship. This has resulted in families being torn asunder. One of the maids who worked in my house was named Padma, but she was a Christian. Her husband continued to be Hindu and did the Ayyappa pilgrimage annually, even as his other family members went to church. This is just one instance of conversion causing schisms n the family and breaking up society. This happens when a community is converted and some people stick to their native faith.

The Presstitutes never see any of these things. For instance, when the recent earthquake took place in Nepal, they never saw the selfless service rendered by the RSS, as the RSS is considered a ‘Hindu chauvinist’ outfit.

When Shri Mohan Bhagvat, the Sarvasanghchalak of the RSS mentioned that service needs to be done without trying to convert and made an oblique reference to Mother Teresa’s motives, the entire media headed by that super prime Presstitute Arnab Goswami went to town on Bhagvat, as if Mother Teresa were the purest of saints with no motive. Here is a quote attributed to her which exposes her love for suffering and poverty in others!

“One day I met a lady who was dying of cancer in a most terrible condition. And I told her, I say, “You know, this terrible pain is only the kiss of Jesus — a sign that you have come so close to Jesus on the cross that he can kiss you.” And she joined her hands together and said, “Mother Teresa, please tell Jesus to stop kissing me”.

Fact is that MT had absolutely no powers to do anything but mouth platitudes!

The Christian padres are an insidious force supported by foreign funds and from people who come on tourist visas to India and try to convert as many as possible. Here are a few examples sourced from Twitter

Shree Ray

Strong India@noconversion

Indian Missionary targeting Uttrakhand , they converted but are keeping “Hindu” names , to fool People ?? …

Vivekananda's Message

Swami Vivekananda said that we do not just lose a Hindu when someone from Sanatana Dharma converts to Muslim or Christian, but we add an enemy.

Lastly, here is a wonderful and brilliant article by Rajeev Srinivasan, a true account of why conversions are taking place and why the ante has been upped by American missionaries and why their poodle #Presstitutes are on their side. Worst thing is that many of the #Presstitutes are ostensibly Hindus. But our country has a long history of traitors. Two come to my mind immediately, one was Jaichand and the other Mir Jafar.

The worst enemies of Hindus are not Muslims and Christians. They are the Presstitutes and other useful sicko idiots, mostly Hindu, even if in name only!


4 thoughts on “The Attempted Cultural Destruction of India

  1. Sirji, hats off to an excellent narrative. As you rightly explain, proselytization of Hindus was the predominant aim of both iconoclastic man man religions – Christianity and Islam! Hinduism, being an inclusive religion and more of a way of life, welcomed both these deplorably fanatic dogmas with open hands and embraced them with sincerity little realizing their moral ambiguity and artfully shrewd motives. But yes, Hindus themselves are to be blamed. Left with no precise religious direction to follow, plenty of unappropriated and uncombined beliefs to practice and with no honestly strenuous attempts to unite, the Hindus began to drift away from rich principles and practices and on the contrary began to question the logic behind the very fundamentals that held them together over infinite centuries despite severe external onslaught. Moreover, with the advent of economic independence came the lutyen, sleeveless, wine drinking culture replacing comfort with rigidity. Thus a systematic collapse, as we endure now, has been inflicted on our ways and means. A religious and cultural rehabilitation is inevitable now. Yes, there are voices speaking about it loud and clear. And, they are branded communal, no doubt. Yet, there is a surge in protecting the fundamentals of our culture and plenty organizations are providing the required guidance towards this. The hue and cry over gharwapsi, that the scattered political opponents and immoral presstitutes regale about, quietens as rapidly as it emerges when the Anti-Conversion Bill is mentioned to be tabled. Therefore, apart from a day or two’s TRP chasing, the presstitutes will shut up and so will the iconoclasts too. Let us hope to see a Hindu India soon under the able PM, Narendra Modi.

    • Hi Krishna, this conversion is done very insidiously and cleverly. First Christian and Muslim “friends” initiate a vegetarian into becoming a beef or pork eating Hindu. Then it is drilled into his mind that no harm has been done , so might as well marry a Christian or a Muslim- then the Muslim or Christain spouse ensures that the Hindu becomes one of their faith- so no money involved here. Then as they are minorities , they get all the concessions. Have we not come across such cases in our banking career?

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