NaMo Namaha!

One of the articles I read on the Modi effect is by Chetan Bhagat . It is a reasonably well argued piece but falls short of pinpointing reasons for a Modi wave, a phenomenon that only the blind, or those pretending to be so, cannot see.

Ahem Ahem, let me say I saw it coming at least two years back! Here are my pieces where I more than broadly hinted that the Modi effect was coming: –

September 2013  (NaMo is a concept whose time has come.)

July 2013 (Last Para… We have one hope and he will come in on the back of huge expectations.)

June 2012 (…..Yet there is hope in the form of Narendra Modi and it looks like his time is well nigh. Pray and hope my countrymen, for that is all you have!)

September 2011  (One of my Indian friends here in Bahrain told me that he would like to vote for the BJP only if they make NaMo PM. Precisely my view too!)

Some of my predictions have gone wildly wrong and that goes with the territory. However, this is one that will not go wrong unless the heavens conspire against India.  If that is so however, I feel that India can never recover in a thousand years.

Let us now see what the rivals of Modi are cooking up. The one, who thinks he is a rival, and is actually one in Varanasi where Modi is contesting for Parliament, is part of what I call the Anti Industrial lobby. The most vile and rotten persons are involved in furthering the agenda of some anti Indian forces, the Ford Foundation and other anti Indian lobbies are a case in point. Arvind Kejriwal is pure evil and it really surprises me when I see how many well meaning and apparently intelligent people are taken in by him. The reason I think he is evil is that he is a Communist, his mindset well camouflaged by concepts such as Swaraj, anti corruption etc. His career has been built on betrayal. Each time he kicks the ladder that he uses to climb up one level. Do not be surprised if he tries to merge his party with the BJP and try sabotage from within.

Each time the media has been playing nursemaid to this evil entity Kejriwal by publicising his Dharnas, mindless statements and all the venom that he spews on Modi.  But Kejriwal has unfortunately managed to sweet talk his way into the hearts of a number of well meaning educated morons. This is another dangerous set, reminding me of the saying of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux  “L’enfer est plein de bonnes volontés et désirs” (hell is full of good wishes and desires). The more ‘contemporary’equivalent is “The way to Hell is paved with good intentions”. In the case of Kejriwal, good intentions are patently absent. He bores me pallid and I am not interested in detailing the litany of his sins of deliberate omission and commission.

Let us see what the Congress has to offer. Nothing much I am afraid. They took charge of a growing and mostly prosperous economy and managed to run it to the ground. I have detailed the entire modus operandi in this piece. How did the people of India hand over the country to such a bunch of twits, led by a half literate Italian who, after 46 years in India, can barely speak passable English or Hindi? This was after they got a Govt that brought the country up from atrocious fiscal management and high inflation to a stage where low inflation and growth was expected. After scamming the country at a scale unheard of, these nitwits had the gall to talk of the ‘rights’ they gave the great unwashed. As if the country idiot was not enough, we had his sister talking of the ‘sacrifices’ made by her mother, her grandmother, her father, her grandfather etc. So what if the deaths of her father and grandmother were in the line of duty? So what if the deaths of her grandmother and her father were a result of their gross errors of judgement? Did the lady’s heart ever bleed for the soldiers of Kargil? Did not the congress refuse to participate in Kargil Vijay Divas  to commemorate the martyrs of the 1999 Kargil war? Enough said of these morons.

In a democracy we almost always end up, at least most of the time, with the lowest common denominator. It is just serendipitous that we sometimes find that the majority make the best available choice.

My theme in this article touches on two aspects, one about the choices offered to the Indian electorate and another on how choices are created according to the collective mental construct of the voters.

Let me outline briefly what NaMo offered to India on behalf of the BJP.

  • Development is the need of the hour
  • Through development we will create jobs and thereby grow your prosperity
  • The rest of India deserves the development model of Gujarat, with assured quality of life such as clean water, 24×7 electricity, good roads, proper infrastructure etc. We will ensure that these are created pan India
  • There will always be rewards for hard work but in the case of those who are unable to fulfil their basic needs of food, housing and so on due to adverse circumstances, we will help them through social intervention

The exit polls tell us that the message found resonance in the minds and hearts of a large number of the Indians who vote. One of the reasons why NaMo was so successful was that his polling agents were not just those in the polling booths but a number of men from UP and Bihar(including splinter states Uttaranchal and Jharkand) who were forced to migrate to Gujarat in search of employment and waxed eloquent on the quality of life there. Tall claims by political parties are one thing but word of mouth advertisement by impartial members of the public is any day more powerful.

The Indian public somehow found India Shining a little difficult to comprehend in 2004 and fell for Congress’s lure of easy money and subsidies. It is moot whether they are now ready for working hard and becoming rich through their own efforts. The expectations created by Modi and the BJP are very high and their delivery will be a challenge. Still one is sanguine that they will strain every sinew to ensure clean and competent governance to lift the economy and the country out of the morass of despondency and hopelessness. Writing this one day before the results are declared, I am waiting with bated breath. Intuition tells me that the vote is for Modi as PM and yet there is a feeling of unease about the dirty tricks department of the congress. Finally however, truth has to prevail and Modi has to become PM for people to have faith in the electoral process. Modi is an idea whose time has come and congress also knows that match fixing will rebound very badly on them.

Finally, the reasons for why there has been a vote for Modi is the corruption and scams that the Congress had done and the consequence thereof leading to no jobs and no hope. The BJP govt in the early part of the century had tried to inculcate a feeling of prosperity but the people veered to the idea of mooching and suckling themselves on the state. Fact is that there is a limit to such mooching as sooner or later, everyone has to pay for themselves. Hopefully, the people have learnt the lesson about free lunches and are now eager to work. Modi has managed to ignite a spark in the people and hopefully the fire of hope will drive the country forward to prosperity for all. 


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