NaMo and the Sickular Shoorpanikas

A conversation with many ‘Corporate people’ from the middle class tells me that the idea of NaMo as PM has arrived and yesterday’s verdict of the Supreme Court has dealt a death blow to the Gujarat Riots industry. You can see my tweet below on the subject done a day before the judgement.

Am very happy to see the outcome corresponding to my expectations.
I have heard references to it being a ‘cottage industry’. Sincerely beg to differ. Gujarat Riots was a seriously large industry with people from the incestuous world of politics, media, left lib NGOs and assorted seminar types coming together to spew a tsunami of lies against a person who, in my view, is the best Chief Minister the country has ever had. Where does that leave the Teestas, the Ghoul of Small Things, Medha and Mallika, the Shurpanikas of Secularism, whose noses have been cut off by the Laxmana of Justice?
Listening to NaMo speak in various fora about development and his vision for Gujarat backed by solid achievement and impeccable delivery on his promises leaves everyone gasping with wonder and awe, sample here Except the said Sickulars of course. Now anything they say or do can be held against them as contempt of court. If I appear to be over the moon with this development, darned right I am! Because there was a conspiracy that intended to hobble NaMo’s inevitable march to bigger and better things. Everyone knew that his corruption free record of development in Gujarat and go getting attitude are the only threats to a rent seeking, non achieving and parasitical set of assholes whose only aim in life is to bag a place in Lutyens Delhi and enjoy a cushy life paid for by vous et moi, the hapless tax payers. Same with guys in the NAC who better count their days and try and cadge some kind of think tank job in obscure universities in US, if they have any other credentials for the same.
At this stage it would be good to contrast the records of the various state governments and the Gujarat Govt. in handling a variety of issues across the spectrum of development. Why did the other state governments not emulate the record of Gujarat and act as if the state itself was the administrative equivalent of persona non grata? Here was a CM focused on providing jobs and development to the entire state, a person without any strong desires for the good things in life, a person who is intent only on ensuring the well being of his state and the people belonging to it. The result is there for all to see. The fact that Modi is IT savvy also makes a huge difference to knowledge levels, vision and mode of working. A model of minimum government and maximum governance can work only when processes of governance are automated and where information is lodged in a transparent way on websites rather than in dusty old files hidden away in musty old cupboards accessible only to the chosen few of Government. And this has been one of my peeves with the Anna brigade who never spoke of how IT used in an intelligent manner could transform India, make governance more transparent and all information accessible to the public. Even this lot went to Gujarat and tried to malign the one Govt that has a record of corruption free governance. But then, digressing a bit, an anti corruption movement needs the soil of corruption to thrive, just like missionaries such as Mother Teresa can thrive only in cesspools of poverty and ignorance. Modi’s government has been like a beacon that throws a strong beam of light on areas of darkness and dispels it forever.

Let us now understand what motivates these sickular Shoorpanikas. My analysis of their behaviour indicates to me a desire to fight for a cause and any cause will do. If there is no cause, they can invent one. So we have the Ghoul of Small things, Suzanne Roy who will join the fight against the Narmada dam or fight for displaced tribals while quietly acquiring land for herself in the very same tribal or forest area. She also has no hesitation in fighting for the rights of separatists and if only this Govt. or the PM had some cojones, she would have been serving a long jail sentence with the downtrodden people she so loves. Then we have the Mallika who fights for the downtrodden while herself being involved in illegal labour migration. Of all the sickular Shoorpanikas, the most honest is perhaps Medha, who is probably simpler than the rest. These worthies are joined by others such as Nandita Das, Nandita Rao, etc. The former went to Pakistan soon after 26/11 to receive an award for her secular film that nobody other than the audience in Karachi saw, during their rare moments of wakefulness that is! She has a kindred soul in Nandita Rao who asked Anna to bring down the picture of Bharatmata as it was not ‘secular’ enough for her. Her view of its non secularness is shared by the venerable Imam Bukhari, the ultimate arbiter of secular discourse in this blessed country of ours. We also have one more Susan, the Nisha of pink panties brigade fame who no doubt is a shoorpanika wannabe but has not attained the higher levels of qualities that confer Shoorpanikahood.
And the Grande Dame of the Shoorpanika brigade is the lady Teesta who got so agitated yesterday, she turned against one of her sickular benefactors, RajD who has been giving her space in his studios so often that you wonder whether her living quarters are somewhere there. This lady is known to draft affidavits by the dozen, if not hundreds, coach witnesses, get them caught and yet escape the long arm of the law. Her command performance could be seen on TV yesterday. And it is to the eternal credit of Swapanda who asked her in a very blunt manner, why she hated Gujarat. Again Madame Shoorpanika senior most went into a soliloquy about how she hailed from the state and professed eternal love for it!
So now we have all Shoorpanikas in a row. If you prod anyone of them at night when asleep and ask them what they think of Modi, my hunch is they will say they hate him for being such a cold blooded Maut ka Saudagar! (Was this line given to the Italian lady by Diggy?)
Why do these ladies hate NaMo? Simple, NaMo eliminates the causes that create causes for them and they recognise subconsciously that once he comes into power, the party is over for them. Ok let me spell it out more clearly.
Once Godhra and post Godhra happened, there have been no communal riots in Gujarat. Even in Godhra, Muslims vote for NaMo. Chargesheets have been filed against more Hindus than Muslims in the case of the riots, a fact conveniently ignored by the Gujarat Riots Industry (GRI).
Everywhere the ratio of females to males is skewed and no state has taken any steps to correct the imbalance. Only in Gujarat has concerted action been taken by Beti Bachao movement.
What about low growth in agriculture? Gujarat has the highest growth rate consistently over a few years and no state can hold a candle to it.
Electricity cuts, load shedding etc.? Gujarat has brought 24×7 power everywhere including the farthest villages.
He has created Forensic Science University, Petroleum University, Children’s University or one where teachers alone are trained. Such forward thinking has not come from anyone else.
This is only a small sample of what he has done. Read about the BRTS of Ahmedabad
Water conservation, Solar power, you name it and this man has thought of it and acted on it. What are we doing by keeping him away from the Prime Minister’s seat? Screwing ourselves over several times by keeping Milquetoast Singh, who is aiding and abetting Sonia and her corrupt gang, in power. Tell me a better example of collective suicide.
Here’s what we need to do. Kick out the Shoorpanikas of Secularism, kick all the secular parties out, bring in the BJP only if they make Modi PM, and watch India take off into the stratosphere!
One of my Indian friends here in Bahrain told me that he would like to vote for the BJP only if they make NaMo PM. Precisely my view too!


9 thoughts on “NaMo and the Sickular Shoorpanikas

  1. Krishnaji, a blog par excellence! There is nothing remotely to add or delete. Precise, hard hitting and factual. In a way you are right, it was not just a ‘cottage industry’ but a huge industry that flourished the past 9 years thereby enriching, nourishing and occupying the time and space of whole lot of wannabes in crime. All those unworthy names you mentioned have in fact have bloomed their personal lives in the pretext of fighting a ‘wrong’, a perspective only they behold.

    A request. There are two links you have posted here as reference that is negated. It would be prudent to repost those links for the sake of enhancing reader’s views pertinent to that particular reference.

    A big thank you!

  2. Prashantji, Thanks for the fulsome praise and the suggestions. Have since activated the links! Was a little foxed initially on how to do it!

  3. Excellent writeup sir.
    The problem with Narendra Modi is that he does not want to be corrupt nor does he tolerate corruption. thats why our SICKular media dislike him. Another is the people of Gujarat refuse to buy media lies which angers them more

  4. Perfectly well said and argued! The question is, will the goons and the Delhi-Italian mafia, with not a little help from the ‘sickular’ brigade, with their moneybags, their Swiss reserves and the legal machinery subverted to their evil ends allow such a happy event to come to pass? What they deserve richly is the treatment the Italians meted out to Mussolini and his mistress: string them up on meat hooks for the people to spit and throw stones at.

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